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We are Ontario's leading distributor of premium made water treatment and filtration equipment for domestic and commercial water purification located in Missauaga Ontario.

With numerous years of experience and thousands of clients all over the Southern Ontario area you can simply believe us to supply the best quality refined water accessible. Eagle Industries Corp is a one-stop- for all your water purification needs; we supply, introduce and provide you with the benefits from your water treatment framework. Our product and service warranty is one of the most complete in the business and we stand behind the all of the items that we offer. At Eagle Industries Corp we provide inventive Canadian water treatment equipment by Eagle Water Treatment Systems which are intended to handle water quality issues everywhere throughout the Southern Ontario area. Our equipment give water treatment purification for well water, stream water, metropolitan water and water rich in minerals, for example, iron. Every water source accompanies its own particular exceptional issues and presents its own particular water filtration challenges. Here at Eagle Industries Corp we meet people's high expectations and anticipate giving you the most ideal arrangement at an exceptional cost. Our items range from entire home water systems to water conditioners and under the counter Reverse Osmosis drinking water equipment. At Eagle Industries Corp we treat every client with the consideration they merit so as to give them the best answer for their water treatment and filtration issues. We only offer and administration the Eagle Water Treatment brand which is viewed as one of the best names in the water treatment industry crosswise over Canada. At Eagle Industries Corp we not just furnish you with brilliant water treatment and softening equipment at the best costs but we furnish you with unmatched first class administration and stand behind everyone of our items we introduce in your home or business. Do not to take any risks with your water treatment needs, believe in our ability to treat your entire home with clean pure water. If you need answers to your water softening and filtration challenges call the experts at Eagle Industries Corp located at 2191 Dunwin Drive in Mississauga Ontario Canada.


While Canada has one of the safest water supplies in the world, there are a number of factors that can affect the taste, appearance, hardness and overall safety of household water including everything from a heavy rainfall causing excessive agricultural runoff to the presence of lead pipes in your home. That's why we recommend having your water tested if you have any concerns about quality.


For the most part our cities tap water is relatively safe, however we all have reason to be concerned about pollution in our tap water. An Eagle whole home water treatment system will allow you to stop contaminates from entering your home, ensuring your water is healthier and safer. We specialize in water purification and water conditioning both for municipal and private water treatment needs


If you have a private well, regular water quality testing is very important. Many contaminants cannot be identified by taste or odor, making it difficult for homeowners to know if the water quality of their well has changed. The government does not regulate private wells and many cities and towns do not require periodic sampling of private wells after they are initially installed. This makes a whole home water treatment system even more vital.